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Metal scraps performances in Foshan market on April 13

Copper: Today, the recycled copper price in Foshan market has stopped falling and stabilized, and the market anxiety has cooled down. However, for the short-term copper price trend, the traders still insist on range volatility. In April, the super cycle of commodities that the market hoped for did not come as scheduled, and the situation that the domestic copper market demand was not prosperous in the peak season was more prominent. The high copper price inhibited the demand, and the copper market bulls were a little "panicked"! This week, non-ferrous metal futures collectively fell, SHFE copper fell to 1000 yuan on two days, and LME copper remained weak and volatile below US$ 9,000. It is difficult to make an effective breakthrough in the short term unless more bullish news emerges.Recently, the Finance Committee meeting specially reminded to pay attention to the trend of commodity prices.The market is worried that China wants to curb the rise of commodity prices, and metal prices will fall under pressure.

Aluminum: Today, the aluminum price in Foshan market went up against the market, and the trend was obviously stronger than other metals.As for the recent aluminum price, the market has basically accepted it. Therefore, in recent days, aluminum manufacturers have been replenishing goods along with the market, and the aluminum market transaction is stable and improving.The latest trade data released by China performed well, and the traders expect that the demand of aluminum market is expected to continue to improve in the second quarter, and the aluminum price is expected to challenge the previous high.

Zinc: Today, the zinc price in Foshan market continues to pull back, and the cautious mood in the market obviously warms up.In the past month, the price of zinc in Shanghai kept fluctuating between 21,200 and 22,500. At present, the price is below the range, and the inquiry for entering the market on dips in the downstream has increased. The trading activity among traders has improved compared with the previous period, and the overall market turnover has increased.

Stainless Steel: Today, the price of stainless steel in Foshan market continued to fall, and the national high-level officials paid attention to the issue of commodity prices, which led to a sharp drop in the market. The price of nickel fell sharply, and the stainless steel futures plunged sharply. The waste market was full of pessimistic decline atmosphere, and manufacturers avoided risks and greatly reduced prices to receive goods, and the overall price went down.(LTIT)

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