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Metal scraps performances in Foshan market on April 12

Copper: Today, the recycled copper price in Foshan market reappeared in decline, and the market transaction was cautious again.High copper prices put some pressure on short-term copper market demand, and copper manufacturers generally report that the order quantity is small, so the purchase is still based on demand. However, as for the holders of recycled copper, due to the high copper price on the outer plate and the high import cost, they are reluctant to sell in the face of a large drop in copper price, waiting for the copper price to rebound again. Although the trend of short-term copper price is weak, many analysts believe that there is limited room for further price correction in the short-term copper market without further negative pressure, and with the stabilization of the global macro-level, there is an expectation of replenishment in the downstream. It is expected that the probability of copper price stopping falling and rebounding in April is high, and downstream enterprises can consider buying a small amount of bargain-hunting to lock in costs.

Aluminum: Today, the aluminum price in Foshan market declined slightly, and the current high price inhibited the downstream purchasing intention.In the previous period, the aluminum inventory increased by 4,514 tons to 392,248 tons last week, and the cumulative increase in the last 11 weeks reached 66.01%, which is still on the rise, which may put pressure on the aluminum price in the short term. However, in the second quarter, the market expects demand to improve, and the general direction of aluminum price is still biased.

Zinc: Today, the zinc price in Foshan market has dropped at a high level, with a large drop, and the market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere.Traders are cautious in receiving goods during this period, basically maintaining low inventory operation, and most of them make inquiries and ask for goods only after receiving orders. Downstream manufacturers are worried about the market outlook, and they mainly wait and see. Their purchasing enthusiasm is not high, and the overall turnover is average.

Stainless Steel: Today, the price of stainless steel in Foshan market reappeared in decline. With the decline of LME nickel, the confidence in the scrap stainless steel market was further frustrated. The receiving price of manufacturers in the industry was adjusted back one after another, and limited purchases were generally issued. The poor shipping channels restricted the enthusiasm of the transaction, and the transaction price fell under pressure. Poor turnover of steel strip suppressed the scrap market, and the market price lowered the risk.

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