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Metal scraps performances in Foshan market on April 9

Copper: Today, the recycled copper price in Foshan market stopped falling and stabilized, and the price rose slightly. At present, LME copper still fluctuates within a narrow range of USD 9,000. The traders believe that the fundamentals of copper market are still good at present, the price may continue to fluctuate at a high level, and the short-term trend will be repeated. In April, the increased liquidity expected by the market did not achieve the expected effect. Copper manufacturers were cautious in purchasing goods when funds were still tight. At the same time, factories and enterprises were also under the pressure of high copper prices and high costs, and the order volume was not ideal. Therefore, the overall market transactions were relatively general. At present, the supply of recycled copper in China continues to be tight, the arrival of imported scrap copper is still small, and the price is stable. The traders generally expect that the demand will improve in the second quarter, and most of them are optimistic about the copper price trend in the second quarter.


Aluminum: Today, the price of aluminum in Foshan market is stable. In the second quarter, the news was relatively dull, and the aluminum price continued to be arranged sideways, with little overall fluctuation. At present, the national social aluminum inventory has dropped slightly to the level of about 1.22 million tons. Although the performance of production orders of factories and enterprises is not as good as expected, because most of the prices are mainly within the range, manufacturers' acceptance ability has improved and transactions have improved slightly.


Zinc: Today, the zinc price in Foshan market rose slightly, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere remained unchanged. Traders are cautious in receiving goods, basically maintaining low inventory operation, and most of them ask for goods after receiving orders. However, downstream manufacturers are worried about the trend of zinc market outlook, and they mainly wait and see, with low purchasing enthusiasm and weak market transactions. The market expects zinc price to be short-term or face callback risk.


Stainless Steel: Today, the price of stainless steel in Foshan market is stable. In April, the stainless steel market was tepid, the spot transaction lacked enthusiasm for rising, and the steel strip transaction was not ideal. Therefore, the purchasing enthusiasm of steel mills was restrained and the receiving price was limited, the trading activity of waste stainless steel market was greatly reduced, the receiving price of manufacturers was adjusted back to the recent low, and the buyers and sellers were deadlocked.

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